Well another month has passed. February brings lots of hope and promise. There are many shows and exhibits coming and I will try to get into as many as possible to get my work into the public eye. I have been accepted into the Artsbridge, 2015 Member’s Show. The opening is tomorrow, Saturday, February 7th from 2pm until 5pm. I will be attending the opening if you would like to come along and meet me in addition to viewing my painting, Chimney Tops from the Port Issac Collection. You can find out more about the exhibition and how long it will be running here from NJ.com. I'll post more on the other exhibits I have entered as I hear back about my entries. As always, I'm a strong believer in the power of social media and the internet to spread the word about my work.

Last week, I completed my modern floral series and have now scanned them all. They are currently being posted up in the shop here. There is a total of six new oil paintings on canvas size 11 inches by 14 inches. Each painting presented a different challenge. I painted each subject just a little different by using different brush strokes, color temperature, and chroma. One lucky aspect of completing this project is the opportunity to exhibit in the Art of the Flower 2015 Philadelphia Sketch Club Exhibition. Their deadline is February 15th.

In other news, I'm not sure which direction I will take this month with painting. I have been taking lots of photographs with the snow we have had recently. I have several large paintings I would like to complete. The Hostas painting is one of them. I also have been working on a statue painting which has some deep hidden secrets within the layers of paint. It's my blue winter piece. I need to get back to just sketching and drawing to keep my hand in it.

Lastly, I wanted to mention how excited I am about the revitalization going on in Bristol Borough. Bill Pezza invited me to visit the recently purchased building on Mill Street for Raising the Bar. This building is part of the work Raising the Bar is doing to bring Bristol to it's rightful glory. The building will serve to expand the opportunities of all the Arts in Bristol and bring the Arts to those otherwise would not be able to enjoy them. Bristol is a great Historic town filled with wonderful and friendly people. It has slowly been revitalized over the last forty years, but the Raising the Bar committee has put that speed into super drive. You can read more on their plans here. I hope to play some small part in this endeavor. I've let them know I'm willing to do whatever I can for the Arts and Bristol.

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